Mediterranean and oriental flavor around a patio in Denia, Costa Blanca, Spain

Mediterranean and oriental flavor

In a small alley between the famous restaurants Helios and Pegolí, hides Aruna house. The existing construction grew in a very disorganized fashion during the last 20 years. The new renovated house grows around a patio, opens onto the gardens and discreetly inserts a pool that is more a pond in the garden.

All the rooms enjoy direct access to open spaces and for this, the flat roofs become garden terraces enhancing the exterior interior relationship in all orientations.

Paved stone marble floors from Lecce and varnished plaster walls make vibrate the interior spaces under the light filtered by the garden. New plantations and the restoration of existing species, the monumental carob tree and the palm trees that preside over the entrance and the garden woven with Portuguese-style cobblestone pavements.