The spaces of our houses are comforting, receptive and protective; belong to the domestic, which today, more than ever, must be animated by a vital calm.

We try that the interiors satisfy the needs of the individual; each space individually adapts to its function; each group of spaces responds to the place and the context where they settle.

PWANI - Studio - Denia

Basic needs led to a poetic place:
the simple life well done.

The house has, therefore, a dialogue with nature, an ability to carry the space around it with an energy that can interplay with other energies and influence the nature of things that can happen in its surroundings.

PWANI - Studio - Denia

The houses we make reflect the individuality of their owners and want to insert themselves in the landscape with that anonymity that can only be achieved by building with an internally consistent language that in itself is an extension of an inherited language aware of the climate and place.

Places that become part of the body and brain recognized by their smell or temperature, by wind and sound, with the intensity with which we imagine an animal knows its den.