Architects in Denia - Pwani Arquitectura

Modern patio house and pool

To build it conserving the energy of the place, in a residual plot, the first decision was to create a patio in the center and on the roof a large terrace, taking care of the good sunlight of the building and the shade that protects from the intense sun.

The house, built respecting the strict restrictions of height and distance to boundaries, is conceived as a continuous protected space of the houses of the immediate vicinity and open to the small garden and the pool concatenating the interior spaces. The sea and the mountain, always present.

What remains is a secluded place, with a house and a garden in its center, a place where light and shade inhabit, the permanent murmur of the sea and the breeze that caresses the trees.

There remains a construction that derives its form from different forces: the owner’s intense desire for privacy, strictly limited economic resources, the compression of certain spaces, the balance between sun and shade, the integration of the pool as part of the garden and part of the house, simplicity in the treatment of the parties and emotionality achieved with modest resources.